TAPI Groundbreaking Ceremony Dome Projection – Turkmenistan (2015)

API is an international natural gas pipeline project which aims to export up to 33 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year through a 1,800-kilometer (approx) pipeline from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Dome was a hemi-sphere dome, not an ordinary one so creating the content to cover it was more difficult because of its anamorphic structure. Another challenge was that in Turkmenistan the audience and the high protocol sits face to face so they watch the content from 2 opposite angles. So our content had to be able to tell the same thing and give the same feeling from every angle.

In this latest one we built the natural gas facility from zero in realistic 3d after the capsule was buried in the ground by the Presidents. In the same spot where the facility were going to built the audience was able to experience it in 360 degree. Around 140 artists, designers and technologists from 7 different countries worked for the production to be able to create this extraordinary project in such a short time.

Technical Director and Rendering Artist.

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Video Projection Mapping





Architectural Rendering

AcarBlu Residence is one of the most luxury residence projects in Istanbul with its 240 apartments, 10.000m2 green space and 360 degree Bosphorus view.

For AcarBlu Residence, I developed virtual tour application for sample apartments by using Virtual Reality equipment and technology to speed up the decision process for visitors coming to the AcarBlu Project sales office.

With this application, the potential clients had the chance to ‘go’ into the apartments and take a 360-degree free walk, to take a closer look at the areas of their interest and to experience the view of the apartment they plan to purchase.

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3D Animation & Rendering



Ozak VR, Architectural Visualization (2015)

For Ozak GYO’s real estate project, Buyukyalı, loaceted at the heart of the historical peninsula in Istanbul, I have developed various applications for the sales office to increase the sales experience of the visitors and to provide them interactive information about the project.

With the virtual tour potential buyers explore the social areas, the protected historic monuments and special trees in the project before its completed.

On the other hand in the virtual apartment tour, buyers walk inside of the apartment and have the opportunity to experience the design options.

In the presentation, which can be controlled by mobile tablet, the buyers get interactively the detailed information about the areas they are interested in.

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With tablet controller

Oculus Rift experience

Oculus Rift experience exterior, Seaside

Hologram experience

Testing the project with oculus rift

Ozak maquette with tablet Controller

Ozak maquette Mipim France

Ozak 360 Youtube VR, Seaside

Ozak 360 Youtube VR, City Center

Game, AR & VR Development